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St. Paul and the Broken Bones @ Wolf Trap (6/16/17)

White boys have been playing at being soul men since even before Mick Jagger became the little red rooster. So while the idea of St. Paul and the Broken Bones isn’t exactly unique, their performance is still a fascinating spectacle, always a guaranteed fun time. Lead singer Paul Janeway is incredible, floating across the stage with a few (but only a few) James Brown-esque dance steps and belting his high-tenored soul out. It was enough to (eventually) get the crowd at Wolf Trap out of their (rain-soaked) seats.

Janeway is so dynamic, in fact, it made me come up with the following thought experiment: trade Sharon Jones (RIP) from the Dap Kings for Janeway. Which band suffers most? Which combination gets better?It’s a tough call but given that the Dap Kings have created some memorable music to critical and commercial acclaim (not only by themselves but having backed Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars among others), I’m going to have to say that they would do more for Janeway than Jones could do to heal the Broken Bones.

It’s not a big difference but it says something to me about the band: that they lack a truly dynamic instrumental prowess. On stage, Janeway covers up those deficiencies. But on record, that dynamism doesn’t quite come across in the same, memorable way. Still, I’m hopeful that the rest of the band will catch up to Janeway and turn this band into a musical powerhouse that can match their performing credentials. Because I could always use some plastic soul.



Possible set list

  1. Crumbling Light Posts Pt. 1
  2. Back to the Future
  3. Like a Mighty River
  4. Flute Solo
  5. I’ll Be Your Woman
  6. Tears in the Diamond
  7. All I Ever Wonder
  8. I’m Torn Up
  9. Band Jam (instrumental)
  10. The National Anthem (Radiohead cover)
  11. Brain Matter
  12. Waves
  13. Midnight on the Earth
  14. I’ve Been Working (Van Morrison cover)
  15. Broken Bones & Pocket Change
  16. Call Me
  17. Loran’s Dance


  1. Sanctify
  2. Eventually (Tame Impala cover)
  3. Half the City
  4. Burning Rome

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