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Third Eye Blind @ Fillmore Silver Spring (12/8/16)

Dear Third Eye Blind,

I feel ya. I really do. Here you are, playing a sold-out show, nearly 20 years after you peaked in that brief, glorious summer of 1997. Clearly you have some sort of draw. But you also want to show that you’ve been really productive since then. Putting out albums and EPs, touring the world, firing band members, etc. Prove that you have staying power, that you’re not just on some money-grubbing nostalgia tour.

But, but: do you think anyone cares? How many people showed up because OMG IT’S THIRD EYE BLIND THEY ARE MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I GET TO SEE THEM LIVE!? And how many just wanted to sing along to their high school soundtrack? Would it have mattered if a cover band was up there instead?

Third Eye BlindI know you know this. I’m sure you’ve struggled with this problem since the radio stopped playing your songs ad infinitum. But if you were trying to win new converts or show off your skills, then I gotta be honest: that was weak. I mean, every song you played that I didn’t know kind of sounded the same. The band members were totally anonymous. You had energy (at least you did, Stephen), but it wasn’t being transmitted: I got busted by my girlfriend because rather than watching the show, I was sneaking a peak at the football game playing on some guy’s phone. Even the hits were lagging: “Never Let You Go” barely registered, “Graduate” got a muted reception. I really only felt the crowd losing their shit once you did a frickin’ Beyoncé cover halfway through.

That being said, Stephen, you seem like you really enjoy performing. It must be an amazing feeling to have people sing your songs back to you. That’s something you can count on for the rest of your life. As for the rest of you guys, well, you at least sound like the original band.

Whatever, just play “3 AM” again. Or wait, it was “Sex and Candy.” No, “Kryptonite” right? Um, well, the 90’s rule!


Set List:

  1. Rites of Passage
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. Graduate
  4. Company of Strangers
  5. Queen of Daydreams
  6. Don’t Give In
  7. Everything Is Easy
  8. Mine (Beyoncé cover)
  9. Losing a Whole Year
  10. Jumper
  11. Crystal Baller
  12. Semi-Charmed Life


  1. Dopamine
  2. Blood Bank (Bon Iver cover)
  3. How’s It Going to Be